April 27, 2021

5 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer


To push your style boundaries

A great Interior Designer will work hard to understand your design preferences, and then encourage you to push your style boundaries that little bit further. My clients were apprehensive about using wallpaper, but seeing this scheme visualised made them brave enough to embrace it wholeheartedly. Amazing interiors are just not achieved by playing it safe! You want to feel happy when you walk though your front door and enriched by your surroundings. Don’t settle for anything less.


To stop you making costly mistakes

Consulting a Designer before embarking on your room makeover will make sure that you have a clear vision to realise, ensuring that you just don’t make costly mistake purchases on route to your dream rooms. My online studio gives each client a number of options within each category, so you can shop with confidence whilst knowing everything will work within the overall scheme.


It's a versatile service

Interior Designers are a versatile bunch. Don’t be put off by the idea of a hefty price tag and a loss of control. Many designers offer consultations or more accessible packages that take the headache out of the design process but leave you to shop and implement the design at your own pace. My consultations start at just £65/hour, leaving your confident to move forward without breaking the bank!


It's never too late to ask for a helping hand

This is not just a service for the few that can afford a blank canvas to hand over at great expense. Interior Design is fast becoming accessible to everyone, and rightly so. I am passionate about delivering exceptional interiors at all levels, and I firmly believe that with the right guidance, a beautifully designed home isn’t out of anyone’s reach. You can consult a designer at any stage in your journey to ask advice, get you back on track or simply hunt down that illusive perfect piece of furniture.


To save you money!

Contrary to popular belief, consulting an Interior Designer can actually save you money in the long run. As designers we have access to a vast bank of product knowledge from both high street and wholesale retailers and we absolutely know where to go to furnish your rooms in the best way possible at the best possible price. We can also often pass on a portion of trade discounts which wouldn’t otherwise be available to you, in a sense paying for ourselves along the way!

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