May 1, 2019

Oh Beautiful Broderie

If you’ve had your eyes open at all this past week or two, you can’t have missed the fashion world going crazy for all things Broderie. This needlework technique from the 19th century uses embroidery, cutwork and needle lace to produce delicate and beautifully feminine clothes that are sure to have you channelling Jane Austen all summer long…

As is often the way, the interiors world is also sitting up and taking notice with companies such as Cologne & Cotton (featured below), The White Company & The Secret Linen Store all stocking up on beautiful bedlinen to bring this romance into your home too.

This pretty technique is also popping up in accessories all over the place such as this gorgeous Cult storage basket and Lime Tree London cushion. 

But it is the elements of Broderie being carried over into unexpected areas that are making the most impact.

The fashion and interiors worlds are forever bouncing off one another, and with this trend, if you don’t want to wear it yourself, your home could certainly wear it well for you!