My Brilliant Brand Challenge

For the next couple of weeks I’m taking part in the #mybrilliantbrand instagram challenge with the fabulous @thebrand_stylist



It’s all about introductions and getting to know the faces behind these tiny squares.
My job as an Interiors Stylist/Designer takes me in many different directions, but at the heart of it all is a real passion for creating beautiful interiors that put a smile this big on people’s faces! This is me by the way, with one of my minis, sitting in one of my favourite spots in our home.
Knowing that I can make others feel this good about the place they call home is exactly what keeps me creative and coming back for more!





Today it’s all about that something special that each of us bring to the jobs we choose.
My clients arrive with me from two clear directions. Either they have seen pictures of my work, or they have been recommended by someone. Both are equally important.
I pride myself on creating interiors that are a little bit different. Pushing the boundaries and daring clients to be a bit braver with their choices. Teaming unexpected items, patterns and textures. Mixing old and new. This all shines through in the photography and the results are the all important visual side of my brand.

And then there’s the word of mouth recommendations. A trust in the way I work that can only come from good experiences. It is so important to me to get to know the way my clients live and use a space before suggesting any style direction. None of us live in the pages of a shiny magazine. But I firmly believe that whoever lives under our roof we can all still have beautiful homes.

And there’s the important word – ‘home’. It’s all about creating gorgeous homes that still work hard for every day life. Style and functionality might sit on opposite ends of the seesaw but there’s always a balance to be found. My magic is finding that within each project I take on.






Today we’re taking about what it feels like to be one of my clients.
Although I do everything I can to create a memorable experience for all the right reasons, it is always best summed up by the clients themselves. Over to Emma…’I can’t recommend Jenny enough! She has totally transformed my living space. Jenny listens to your ideas, works alongside them, gives inspiration and adds that final touch of finesse’. I couldn’t have put it better myself!






Today we’re taking about ideal clients! I would hope that I would be able to make any room in any house for anyone look fab, but there are always those clients that dare you to push the boundaries that little bit further and embrace the fun and drama in interior design. I LOVE these people!! Designers don’t go into designing to plug beige. We want to be excited by the colours, textures and shapes we use. We want to surprise you with the fantastic results that can come from being a little bit bolder, a little bit braver. Hat’s off to those that dare us to dare!






Day 5 of the #mybrilliantbrand challenge with @thebrand_stylist and we are celebrating something lovely a client has said about my work…over to Sarah… ‘Jenny’s ideas and mood boards have inspired us and given us the confidence to keep working through the different areas of our house and ultimately enjoy being in our home.’ And in a nutshell that’s what it’s all about for me. Creating homes that people love to be in. Time to push my chair in for a couple of days and get back to the people that fill my own home with fun and madness. Happy weekend people!







Day 6 and it’s all about defining your brand style through how it looks and feels.

This picture pretty much sums up my style…neutral backdrop with a bold and bright feature wall, a mix of modern and vintage furniture and a touch of the unexpected in the final details. Spot the 🍍🍍!! Fresh and exciting, with a foot in both the modern and vintage camps…that’s my style 🤗







Day 7 and we are talking about where we find inspiration for our businesses.

I have always been a magazine junky and I hoard boxes of tear sheets of images that have caught my eye over the years. Sometimes these are actual interiors, but more often than not it’s a colour combination, a bold pattern or a quirky font that has caught my eye.
The pin board on my desk is an ever changing picture of what is floating my boat at any particular time and a great source of inspiration.

I also take pictures on my phone wherever I go. A colour combination in nature, a great pattern on a dress, a fab book jacket or even a particular tile in a loo!! #inspirationiseverywhere





For me, it’s all about the clients. Through asking a host of questions and encouraging each client to keep a file, virtual or tangible, of anything that catches their eye –  a favourite picture or painting, a chair with a fabric they love, a piece of clothing, a set of dishes or a collection of blue and white vases for example – I can build up a real picture of the direction they want to go in, even if they can’t see it themselves yet!

These snippets of information are what I use to start my creative process and  ultimately give them a clear picture of the room of their dreams.





Inspiration is at the root of what I do. No creative job could be without it. It may be a reference to a particular colour or pattern that a client provides me with, or a particular picture that they love that triggers the creative starting point. From that moment on everything just flows and gradually a bigger picture is formed and the room design starts to comes alive! ✨ This master bedroom design all began with a cushion…







For the last day of the #mybrilliantbrand challenge with @thebrand_stylist we are rounding things up by reflecting on the opportunities our businesses present us with.

Many moons ago I started out in this industry as a fresh faced 20-something eager to make my mark in the London magazine world.
Since then my working head has worn so many different hats it’s hard to remember all the different doors of opportunity that have opened up along the way. I have styled windows for Heals, parties for Cirque de Soleil, beds for Warren Evans, adverts for TV and now beautiful homes for anyone who puts their faith in me!
I meet new people daily and I am constantly updating my skills to meet the demands of the evolving industry.
It’s been busy, bonkers at times, but never boring and I hope the twists and turns will continue for years to come. Who knows what the future holds out there, and frankly I like it that way… Big thanks to The Brand Stylist for this opportunity to take stock and reflect on everything my brand has come to be.


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