June 25, 2020

Making an Entrance: How to make your entrance room stylish but clutter free

Featured image: @schoolhouse

Your Design Questions Answered: How can I make my front porch/entrance room look welcoming and not cluttered?


The first thing to consider is storing away everything you don’t need! Work with the seasons. If you don’t use your wellies in the summer, you don’t need them cluttering up the space. Similarly, put those flip flops away when the temperature drops! Once you have organised everything in this way, it’s time to get your the storage right. When designing the space, continuity is key. There won’t be much room to play with vast amounts of colour or pattern, so keep it simple, streamlined and matching! Finally, get those accessories working hard for you. Matching baskets, a mail organiser, functional but stylish hooks, a beautiful key tray. Order and organisation are the order of the day…

Storage is key

Think about hanging a shelf above your coat rack for extra storage. Hide away smaller, lighter items like gloves, hats etc in matching baskets to create a streamlined look.













Go vintage

Vintage mail organisers with their ready made compartments are fantastic for storing shoes, especially kids clutter! They make a real style statement whilst being brilliantly functional.

Simon Brown











Lock it up

Storage lockers are also a great option for organising and hiding away. Have one for each member in the family to keep things even more streamlined.













Be seated

Use a storage bench to hide away shoe and bags. This is a great for all ages to sit on when putting on their shoes, and looks much tidier than open storage.














Use wallpaper or paint to create a real style statement. Just as we have embraced the downstairs loo as a space to experiment with bold design, why not give your entrance way the wow factor! If this just feels like too much, then a simple way to up the style stakes is to paint the inside of your door a vibrant colour.



Maree Homer / Australian House & Garden












Chose statement wall hooks, define the space with an indoor/outdoor hardwearing rug instead of a door mat and fix a statement light to the ceiling to draw the eye up and away from the clutter!

Urban Outfitters


Jennifer Grey Interiors











Finishing Touches

A great way to make any space feel roomier is to hang one, or a number of mirrors. This is not just for checking your outfit on your way out of the door. Mirrors serve to bounce around all the available light making the space ‘feel’ bigger and brighter.

And finally, think about adding some plants to the space. These can be wall hung, on a small side table or in a fab basket or pot on the floor. Bringing life to the space will immediately give it the feel good factor.