June 19, 2020

How to decorate a multipurpose room

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Your Design Questions Answered: How can I make my office come spare room look warm and welcoming and not makeshift?


Unify the space

With many of us now working more and more from home, the luxury of having a sole purpose spare room has had to take a back seat, and instead up its game and become functional for multiple uses. So how to we make sure that the one room that probably looked the smartest in our homes, now doesn’t look like a bomb has hit it!

The key is to keep continuity throughout the space. Unify the look and the functional elements blend into the background in favour of the overall effect. Marrying the two halves, so to speak, ensures the flow of the room and prevents anything jarring on the eye when you enter it.

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Multipurpose Furniture

Why on earth can’t you opt for a beautiful dressing table to work at instead of a desk. A low console table will also do a great job without taking up too much of your space. Or if you really want to disguise the working world, then opt for a bureau or console desk which folds or rolls down to conceal the work space when not in use.


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Be seated in style

In the same vein, don’t feel you have to bring an awful, ugly office chair into your beautiful space! There are so many alternatives out there that will do the same job of keeping you comfortable at your desk, whilst also doubling up as a feature occasional chair in the room. Move away from the traditional dark leather numbers and look to a sumptuous velvet or patterned fabric alternative.

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Storage is your friend! Keep the clutter at bay in any way you can – box files, drawer storage, baskets – so the room doesn’t look like an office the moment you step into it. It might feel a bit of a pain to keep on top of, but your productivity will benefit, and you will feel much better about the space you are working in.


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Hide the tech

And finally, charge your phones and laptops out of sight when not in use by cleverly introducing a power point tucked away into your desk drawer. A simple drilled whole in the back of the drawer will do the job just as well as these examples.


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Studio Dearborn

Studio Dearborn