June 16, 2020

Elevating the Neutrals

Featured image: muralswallpaper.co.uk

Your Design Questions Answered: I always paint stuff beige/white/pale colours – where do I start to be more interesting?


Don’t say ‘no’ to neutrals

First of all, let’s get one thing straight, you certainly aren’t doing anything wrong if you favour a neutral colour palette in your interiors. There are plenty of top interior designers who have made their names sticking to this simple palette in their designs, so if that is where your heart lies then certainly don’t fight it! What you will need to look at to elevate your neutrals is the all important pattern and texture elements. Without these, neutral schemes just appear flat and lifeless.

Kelly Hoppen


Holly Marder










It’s all about texture

Look to bring texture and detail in through different types of wood and a mixture of materials – hessian, linen, wool, rough cotton, velvet. Pulled together, all these natural elements will create schemes full of depth and interest.

Troy Lighting

Jill Egan Interiors











Pattern play

Layer your neutral patterns to add another level of interest. Think about combining different shapes and sizes of striped ticking cushions on the sofa, or search out a beautiful neutral wallpaper to introduce to your room.














Accent colours

If you are feeling brave enough to add some colour to your spaces, then less in most definitely more in neutral schemes. Keep to your neutral backdrop and then look to the one colour that really inspires you and inject it in small doses – green works really well with a natural colour palette. Think cushions, throws, plants, wall hung pictures. You will suddenly see your scheme elevated to another level.

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Choosing colours

If you really are looking to introduce more colour, then look to your wardrobe to see which colours you are naturally drawn to. Obviously you need to discard all those items you never wear, but find your favourite pieces, take them out and see if there is a colour trend running through them. Your interiors should be a reflection of YOUR taste, not anyone else’s. It follows that surrounding yourself with the colours you feel most happy wearing should make you happy in your homes as well. It’s very difficult to fight against what you are naturally drawn. You won’t feel at all comfortable in the space if your don’t actually like the colours you have used, no matter what anyone else tells you will look great! This is absolutely not about someone else imposing their likes and dislikes on you. Don’t fight your instincts!




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